Using a recruiter will ultimately save more money than it costs. The commitment of time and resources necessary for a company or firm to do a search on its own amounts to the most basic kind of business expense. An experienced legal recruiter takes many of those time and resource issues off your hands. In a typical search, we may present only 6 or 7 candidates for consideration. A significant reduction in time will occur in a client’s sourcing, evaluating and interviewing candidates.

When you hire Alchemy Legal you will obtain access to our database and our many years of experience. We will work to search out and pre-screen highly qualified candidates who meet your specifications, no matter how stringent. When we present these candidates to you we will highlight and rate whichever specific details or characteristics matter most to your search. We will check references when asked coordinate scheduling, help negotiate thorny or delicate issues, and generally make sure that no misunderstandings crop up that might unnecessarily derail the process. In the end, Alchemy Legal will do everything we can to insure that our client ultimately hires the attorney that best matches its needs because failing to do that can result in the worst kind of expense.


One of the major benefits of working with a recruiter at Alchemy Legal is the immediate access to information that is otherwise unavailable to the independent job applicant. When an individual sends a resume to a prospective employer, it can often take weeks or months to get a response. Our recruiters diligently follow up with our clients to get meaningful feedback as quickly as possible. We help to prepare our candidates for interviews by arming them with as much information as possible about the prospective employer, the specifics of the job requirements, and the individual interviewers. We can help you approach salary discussions and have an informed view of your worth. We do all that we can to move the job search process along quickly and efficiently.

The recruiters at Alchemy Legal have years of experience placing attorneys and other legal professionals into law firms and corporations. Our patent recruiters work closely with a broader geographic scope of clients. By choosing to work with Alchemy Legal, a job seeker immediately expands his or her professional network several times over.



Does Alchemy Legal charge a fee for job placement services?

Alchemy Legal never charges candidates for the services it provides. All fees associated with job placement are employer-paid.

• Will Alchemy Legal require me to sign an exclusivity agreement?

Alchemy Legal never requires candidates to sign exclusivity agreements of any kind. In fact, we advise candidates to be wary of recruiters who do require such agreements. While we work to present as many opportunities as possible to qualified candidates, we do not believe in restricting a candidate’s access to additional opportunities. We want to see our candidates succeed in finding appropriate opportunities in whatever manner possible. Most candidates will utilize us exclusively when exploring law firm options because they recognize that we have nearly total access to the law firms they will consider.

• How is Alchemy Legal different from any other legal recruiting firm?

Over the years, Alchemy Legal has established close relationships with countless employers, giving us the inside edge on job openings. Many of our candidates have been placed into law firms and corporations where they have subsequently engaged us to find attorneys for their employer.

Our recruiters strive for the highest level of professionalism and integrity. We review every resume with due care. We endeavor to return all phone calls. We will provide an honest assessment of our ability to assist you in your job search. We can’t help every candidate but will let you know immediately if that is the case. We will draw upon all of our resources to assist you in your job search.